Our Story

Tatami Ramen London is the first overseas branch of Jason and Hugo’s Barcelona-based Japanese restaurant, The Tatami Room, bringing authentic Japanese ramen to the exciting new Flat Iron Square on London’s South Bank.

Mainly known as a sushi bar, the Tatami Room added ramen to it’s menu this year after pressure from Hugo and a trip to Japan with London based Chang Li convinced a reluctant Jason that noodles were the bomb.

Hugo lived in Japan for 15 years, but the catalyst for him going noodle crazy wasn’t until his father in law, a professor of handmade noodle making at Gifu University, insisted he learn more about wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic, by kneading buckwheat flower in to soba noodles. He’s been slurping ever since and now has two willing accomplices.

We have spent the last few months consulting with ramen chefs and vegan chefs in Tokyo and have formulated recipes for 3 pork bone based ramen and 3 vegan, based on kombucha.

In addition 3 other guest ramen wait in the wings, ready to grace the menu including one made with East End cockles.

The final piece of the puzzle came in an acupuncturist’s clinic in Sitges where Hugo became acquainted with Benj, the owner of the Flat Iron Square project and the decision was taken to launch in London.