Flat Iron Square

What is the Flat Iron Square project?

Flat Iron Square Project

“Located in the heart of Bankside, the Flat Iron Square project consists of a grouping of six railway arches and Devonshire House, a wonderful Grade II listed building.

Within this complex will be a variety of food offerings and music/entertainment venues, catering for the increasingly popular demand for flexibility when it comes to eating good food and enjoying new culturally stimulating entertainment.

There will be a live music venue at the heart of the site with many different food and bar offerings around and about. A small acoustic theatre will also host a diverse range of music and theatrical events.

This flexibility means there won’t be any set closing times as the different operators will want to be open and cater for everyone that comes depending on the events taking place during the day or night.

Alongside the entertainment venues and at the heart of the site is Arch 32, where eight pop-up kitchen units will operate from and The Bar. With easy access from Union Street through the restored Devonshire House and from the North Low Line pedestrian route, this will be where great freshly cooked food can be enjoyed with a drink.

There will be a bar and areas of no seat counters and a mezzanine area with conventional seating. Each kitchen unit will be run and operated by different chefs, each preparing delicious dishes for the discerning customer.”

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